There are several ways of getting traffic to a brand new blog. One of them is guest blogging, link building or buying ads. But what if you don’t want to get that far? You want instant results as you learn more about SEO….

That’s where Long Tail Keywords come in. What the heck are they? These are 3 or 4 keyword phrases people use to find information on Google. But, before you use them, here are……

Facts You Need To Know About Long Tail Keywords.

Savvy internet marketers make long tail keywords account for 50% of their traffic. This is a good SEO strategy, especially when you are starting out…. And still figuring out how to generate traffic.

Let met tell you something. You can’t beat the big brands on the internet on broad searches. They already have a huge budget on advertising. Beating them is wanting your blog to live in a silo. This makes long tail keyword a go for gold nugget.

Last but not least. Which I know can sound vague. You don’t need to entirely depend on them, once your blog has grown. Because of most of the traffic generated by long tail keyword is one time traffic generator. So use long tail keywords sparingly, but still target broad searches for the long term.

Now that you’ve got the basic… It is time to show you….

The 3 Secrete Sauce That Make Long Tail Keyword A killer SEO Strategy.

1:Your Sites Ranks Easier And Quick.

Let’s be honest for once. You can’t beat the big brand in the search results. Google already adores their authority. The only way to beat them is to outrank them. You do this by finding long tail keywords that they have not given much thought about. Why? Because competition is less and the chances of your blog ranking are high. Most, bloggers and heavy hitters in the internet started out this way. By focusing on long tail keywords. You can even use tools such as Market Samurai to uncover profitable long term keywords. You can read the tools review here:

2:Discover More Untapped Niches And Phrases To Scale Your Business.

You can discover unique phrases and niches your competitor is not even aware of. And this in the long term can make you become an expert in that micro-niche. It doesn’t take a long time for anyone to become a celebrity on the internet. It all depends on the sub category you are choosing to be the best in.

3:Ultra- Laser Targeted Visitors That Converts To Sales.

Research shows that 65% of web visitors that use long tail keywords are in the buying mode. What does this mean? Most buyers who want to buy something on the internet, will always use long tail keywords. And most long tail keywords will have the exact keywords the buyer is looking for. A quick example, if a dog owner wanted to buy a dog collar for his dog. He will use the following phrases, best dog collars for big dogs. It is that simple.

Here is a little advice for you. Ranking today on Google is much easier than it use to be. You just need a few long tail keywords to get the ball rolling. And before you know it you will be getting the traffic, leads and sales you want. Your site doesn’t have to stay for months before getting the traffic.

3 Benefits That Make Long Tail Keyword A Killer SEO Strategy